US-based Transcore will install an Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) along the I-95 and Spaulding Turnpike corridors in Massachusetts, US.

The I-95 ATMS project involves the installation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices along the 39-mile corridor, which will be controlled by the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) in Concord.

Three Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) will be installed along the I-95 corridor, and each DMS will be 8ft high and 26ft wide and mounted on overhead sign structures to provide electronic traffic messages.

About twenty-four closed circuit television cameras are being installed at strategic traffic locations along both the I-95 and the Spaulding Turnpike corridors, while the cameras will be mounted on tall steel poles ranging in height from 65 to 90ft.

The entire system will be connected through a point-to-point microwave radio communications system.

Closed circuit cameras have been installed along the route to improve incident response and work zone safety, and reduce traffic congestion.

The $5.1m project is expected to be operational in early 2012.