The UK Government has revealed its multi-billion pound transport investment strategy that will see improvements to local roads, as well as focus on the creating of a major new vehicle network.  

The new road network will see a share of the annual National Road Fund, funded by vehicle excise duty (VED), provided to local authorities to improve or replace the most important A-roads under their management.  

Over the next five years to 2020-21, the UK Government is set to invest more than £61bn in improving transport infrastructure across the country.  

The transport investment strategy outlines the government's new approach towards infrastructure spending, which will primarily focus on the projects that will help them in rebalancing the nation’s economy. 

The investment plan has been developed with an objective to improve productivity as well as connectivity of towns and cities across the country, as well as addressing the bottlenecks and traffic jams for road users. 

Government plans also include taking heavy trucks through-traffic away from rural villages on main roads. 

UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: "Getting transport spending right is crucial for the country’s future. 

"Getting transport spending right is crucial for the country’s future." 

“The transport investment strategy sets out a blueprint for how we can harness the power of transport investment to drive balanced economic growth, unlock new housing projects, and support the government’s modern industrial strategy."

The scheme has been created with intent to help people get to work or school, as well as open up land for new homes, and improve business links.  

One of the primary objectives of the new investment strategy is to rebalance the economy by ensuring overall development across the country and not just concentrated in the south-east of England. 

The government has proposed the creation of new roads in response to the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund study that was conducted last year. 

The study indicated the discrepancies between the funding and planning by Britain’s motorways towards a strategic road network and local authority A roads. 

This new strategy is set to form an important element of the modern industrial strategy and builds on the progress made in recent years of upgrading the road and rail network.