The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) in the US has announced the groundbreaking of the arterial operations centre at its headquarters on Burlington Road, near Silver Glen Road north-east of Lily Lake, will take place in March.

According to KDOT officials, the new project has been in the works since 2006.

KDOT deputy director of transportation Tom Rickert told Kane County Chronicle that the centre is part of a series of steps taken so as to enhance traffic operations in Kane County.

"The future has to be something we need to look toward."

"The future has to be something we need to look toward," Rickert said.

The arterial operations centre, can react to changes in traffic operation technology and is said to adjoin the existing KDOT facility located at Burlington and Empire roads.

It is expected to cost approximately $1.65m for construction and $400,000 for installation of information technology systems.

Officials noted that about 80% of the total construction cost will use congestion, mitigation and air quality (CMAQ) and surface transportation route (STR) funds and the remaining 20% would be from local funds.

Completion of the centre is slated to take place in October, but it may not be ready for use until early 2016 due to various reasons.

The facility will house a control room with ten monitors for camera feeds and help KDOT to be proactive.

The centre will also be capable of giving a path to maintenance crews making them focus their efforts regarding snow removal.