The US department of transportation (USDOT) has allocated grants worth $928.5m for 300 transit projects in urban, suburban and rural areas across the country.

The project includes renovation and building of transit facilities and manufacturing clean-fuel buses to help communities plan for future transit needs.

Under the plan, the South-east Michigan Council of Governments will receive $2m to study the feasibility of a possible second phase of the planned Woodward Avenue corridor transit project in Detroit.

The first phase, a light rail line still in the early planning stages, would end just south of Eight Mile Road while the second phase will provide additional transit solutions another 7.5 miles to Maple Road.

The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority will receive $5.4m to replace aging buses in its Seattle fleet with hybrid-diesel buses.

The South-eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority will receive $5m to restore Philadelphia’s 33rd Street and Dauphin Street bus facility, a 110-year-old facility that is in a state of disrepair.

The grants will be made available through the Federal Transit Administration’s 2011 Alternatives Analysis, Bus Livability and State of Good Repair programmes.