The New Zealand (NZ) Transport Agency is seeking public feedback on proposed upgrades of State Highway 30 (SH30) / Te Ngae Road between Iles Road and Rotorua Airport.

The public consultation process will be open until 1 September 2020.

According to the NZ Transport Agency, the proposed upgrades will be carried out in phases and will involve improvements to key intersections, four-laning works and the building of a 3m-wide shared path and cycle lane across the length of the corridor.

The proposed work will also deliver new pedestrian crossings and bus stops.

NZ Transport Agency portfolio manager Kathryn King said: “This corridor doesn’t currently provide good, safe options for people to get around by bicycle and on foot, and some intersections are not functioning well or experiencing heavy congestion during peak travel times.

“The proposed improvements aim to solve these issues, make the corridor safer, and help prepare the network for more growth in the future.”

The public consultation process will help the transport agency to obtain general opinions on the proposed upgrades and to make changes if necessary.

The proposed upgrades on the SH30 / Te Ngae Road are part of the Eastern Corridor Stage Two improvement works.

Stage Two is part of the wider Connect Rotorua programme that involves future-proofing SH30 / Te Ngae Road and SH30A / Amohau Street.

The Eastern Corridor Stage One project is currently under construction.

Last month, the NZ Transport Agency issued the Registration of Interest (ROI) for the first stage of the Southern Motorway improvement work project.