The New Zealand (NZ) Transport Agency has announced a series of safety improvement works on State Highway 2 (SH2), set to begin this week.

The work includes the installation of rumble strips on a 6km section of SH2 near the Matawai township, north of Gisborne.

Part of the government’s Safety Boost Programme, the installation of rumble strips aims to significantly reduce fatal run-off-road crashes.

Project work is expected to be completed in four days.

The agency has also hired contractors to carry out safety improvement work along the stretch of SH2 through Tāneatua.

The work includes adding a new flush median across the length of the town, narrowing the traffic lanes and building a pedestrian refuge island, two new pedestrian crossings and a dedicated bus bay.

Overall, the project is expected to be completed in six weeks.

NZTA portfolio manager Darryl Coalter said: “We’ve worked closely with key stakeholders in the area to make sure this project delivers what the community has asked for.

“In particular, we have focused on improving safety outside Tāneatua School, as well as measures to help slow down traffic travelling through the town. By improving safety around the school we are making it more attractive and accessible for children to walk and cycle to and from school.”

Last month, the Government of New Zealand allocated NZD2.2bn ($1.44bn) to build new roads in the city of Auckland.

Overall, the government will spend NZD6.8bn ($4.44bn) on improving transport infrastructure to enhance services, alleviate congestion and accelerate travel times.