OC 405 Partners, a joint venture (JV) team which is delivering the $1.9bn I-405 Improvement Project in Southern California, has upgraded to Iteris’ ClearGuide solution.

The solution will help in traffic management during construction.

ClearGuide, a component of the ClearMobility Platform, leverages traffic data from HERE Technologies to provide real-time and historical transportation analytics to improve mobility on the roads.

Under a one-year software-as-a-service contract, OC 405 Partners will use ClearMobility to assess traffic in real time and identify ways to reduce congestion.

The JV team will also use the software to assess events to optimise response plans and identify project detour routes.

The selection of the ClearGuide solution further expands Iteris’ role in delivering the I-405 Improvement Project.

Since the project’s launch in 2017, Iteris has been associated with several project works, including the delivery of work on freeway intelligent transportation system (ITS) and the development of project traffic management plan and signal design.

In addition, Iteris secured a $2.4m contract in May 2018 to deploy temporary ITS infrastructure and another $1.4m contract last year to offer traffic manager support, construction operations and maintenance, and associated construction phase services.

Iteris Transportation Systems vice-president Scott Perley said: “It is our privilege to further expand our role in this vital initiative to help make roads safer and more efficient for residents and commuters in Orange County and the Los Angeles region.

“ClearGuide will provide real-time and historical traffic data that will offer actionable insights to support safer mobility and traffic management operations during the construction phase of this historic project.”

The I-405 Improvement Project, one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the US, is set to complete in 2023.