The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has awarded a contract to US-based engineering firm Parsons to develop reconstruction options for the I-265/I-64 Interchange in Jefferson County.

Under the contract, Parsons will provide an alternative analysis and design services for interchange configurations using KYTC’s Performance-Based Flexible Solution initiative.

The project scope includes creation of preliminary estimates, cost/benefit analyses, geometric layout, traffic modelling and analysis.

Parsons will also provide highway safety analysis, preliminary drainage as well as environmental documents and interchange modification reports.

The project will begin this month and finalisation of the preferred alternate is expected by next year.

Parsons Group president Mike Johnson said: “We are proud to continue road and highway improvements in Kentucky.

“We are proud to continue road and highway improvements in Kentucky.”

“Using the latest technology and best practices, our team will deliver fundable solutions that can be constructed in a cost-effective manner and alleviate traffic congestion.”

For this project, Parsons will use the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model in order to identify deficient ramp elements, key traffic movements, and geometry combinations to establish optimal design alternatives.

The project is aimed at evaluating and optimising the interchange and ramps to further enhance the road capacity, safety, and mobility in the area, especially during peak hours.

For more than seven decades, Parsons has been engaged in the engineering and construction business delivering technical and professional services to various industries.