Ashghal, the public works authority in Qatar, has opened two roads and four signalised intersections to support increasing traffic flow in Al Nasr region.

The new roads that have been opened for traffic in Qatar are 0.6km of Al Nasr Street and 1.8km of Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street.

These initiatives were undertaken as part of the Improvement of Main Roads in Al Nasr Area project.

Besides building the two roads and four signalised intersections, the project also included the construction of 8.3km of stormwater drainage network, 6.5km of foul sewer network and a 5.8km-long treated sewerage effluent (TSE) network.

The stormwater drainage network at the intersection of Mohammed Bin Qasim Street with Al Kinana Street was also renovated.

The construction of pedestrian paths, crossings and 1,500 parking bays, as well as the upgrade of lighting systems, were also part of the work package.

Roads Projects Department project engineer Rashed Al-Zeyara highlighted that Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street is strategically located in the heart of Fereej Al Nasr Area, connecting Suhaim Bin Hamad Street (C-Ring Road) and Doha Expressway, two vital arteries in the capital city.

He further noted that the projects will help to improve traffic flow in the region and will improve access to several residential areas that witness heavy traffic flow such as Al Mirqab Area, Fereej Al Nasr Area, Fereej Bin Mahmoud Area and Al Sadd Area.

The Improvement of Main Roads in Al Nasr Area project now includes rehabilitating Zaid Al Khail Street, Al Kinana Street and Al Ghouta Street, which are expected to be completed by the third quarter of this year.