Ashghal, the public works authority in Qatar, is set to open a 7km road that will link the Doha Expressway and Southern Doha Expressway on the Mesaimeer Interchange on 11 July.

Once opened, Ashghal expects a free and direct traffic flow from Mesaieed, Al Wakra and Al Wukair towards Doha, 22 February Street and Al Shamal Road.

Ashghal noted that the Mesaimeer Interchange connects six main roads and is the first of its kind in Qatar. It provides a vital traffic link between the south, central and north parts of the country.

It links traffic coming from the south to the southern part of the Doha Expressway, as well as the main carriageway of the Doha Expressway and Al Shamal Road.

In March, Ashghal opened the lanes to Al Wakra and is now planning to open additional lanes in order to improve traffic flow in both directions.

According to the public works authority, the opening of new lanes will see the flow of 20,000 vehicles per hour in each direction and is expected to save 70% of the travel time.

Highway Projects Department official Hassan Al Ghanim said: “The new road is a direct link between the south and north of the country, where road users coming from Mesaieed in the north and vice versa can use a direct and free route without light signals to shorten the journey time by about 70%.

“Most parts of Mesaimeer Interchange opened to traffic so far, where about 92% of the works on the vital interchange has been completed, pointing out that there is a tunnel to be completed and opened soon so that the whole interchange is open for traffic.”

In addition, Ashghal will be opening the right access at Umm Besher Interchange on G Ring Road from Al Wakra and Al Wukair via the Southern Doha Expressway.

It is also planning to open two more accesses at Al Wetiyyat Interchange on Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor from Al Thumama, Air Force Interchange and from Bu Hamour and Mesaimeer towards Mesaimeer Interchange.