Spanish construction company Sacyr’s affiliate Sacyr Concessions has opened an 84.2km section of the Puerta de Hierro – Cruz del Viso road in Colombia.

The road infrastructure is said to be part of the company’s Fourth-Generation (4G) Highway Projects being executed in Colombia with an investment of €2.2bn.

Concesionaria Vial Montes de María, owned by Sacyr Concessions, is carrying out the project work on behalf of the ANI (Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura – Colombian National Infrastructure Agency).

Concesionaria Vial Montes de María general manager Jorge Beceiro said: “By opening nearly 85km, travel times will be reduced, road safety will be increased, and the level of service will be increased, which will enhance connectivity and economic development in the region.

“The works consisted of improving the condition of the existing corridor that links the Departments of Bolívar and Atlántico through the Troncal de Occidente national road, which is one of the main routes for the transport of cargo between the south and interior of the country and the Caribbean coast, especially Barranquilla, one of the main ports.”

The road section accounts for 42% of the total length of the 198km Puerta de Hierro – Cruz del Viso road that connects the Departments of Sucre, Bolívar and Atlántico.

Sacyr noted that the opening of the new road section will improve the connectivity of the Colombian Caribbean region.

The company added that more than 72% of work has been completed on the other two road sections.

Upon completion, the project will enable easier access to the main seaports, airports and border crossings on the Caribbean coast.