SICE has secured a contract from WestConnex | Transurban for supporting safety systems for the M4 and M8 motorways in Australia.

The three-year fixed price basis contract will involve a multi-tiered supported services model that covers at least ten intelligent traffic systems (ITS).

SICE Australia managing director Manuel Gonzalez Arrojo said: “This new agreement to support the M4 and M8 signifies SICE’s commitment to our long-term partnership with WestConnex | Transurban.

“As part of this contract, we’ve extended our DLP promises and taken on business continuity obligations to keep the road open and safe for all road users.

“SICE designed and integrated most of these systems, so this demonstrates our confidence in our products and our people. It also demonstrates SICE’s long term commitment to its Australian customers and road users.”

As part of the contract, SICE will conduct preventative and corrective maintenance on its operations management and control system SIDERA, CISCO Motorway Network Communications System (MNCS), Rockwell Master Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and DELL and VMWare Virtualised Server Solution.

In addition, maintenance will be carried out on Microsoft operating systems and databases, Genetec Digital Video Management System (DVMS), Citilog Automatic Video Detection (AVID), Barco Video Wall and other systems.

SICE’s SIDERA technology allows road operators and maintainers to manage the complete operation of surveillance and traffic management systems and life safety equipment.

The company successfully delivered its SIDERA OMCS in five projects In Australia and New Zealand, the M5 West in Sydney, the St Helena Tunnel, the WestConnex M4 East in Sydney, the WestConnex M8 in Sydney and the Waterview Tunnel in Auckland New Zealand.