Siemens Smart Infrastructure has been contracted to install 96 charging points at two of six carports in Germany’s Alsterdorf bus depot.

The contract was awarded by Hamburger Hochbahn and involves equipping the depot with medium and low-voltage technology.

Hamburger Hochbahn is said to be the largest local transport provider in the Hanseatic city.

With a total of 240 parking spaces, Hamburger Hochbahn’s Alsterdorf bus depot is said to be one of the largest and most modern bus depots for electric buses in Europe.

The contract will support Hamburger Hochbahn’s objective of transforming its entire fleet of nearly 1,000 buses to emissions-free and climate-friendly vehicles by the end of the decade.

Hamburger Hochbahn is currently procuring new vehicles, and the conversion of depot infrastructure will help the transport operator to charge and maintain this new fleet.

Hamburger Hochbahn Infrastructure Electromobility project lead Bastian Schmidt said: “In equipping the bus depots with the necessary charging infrastructure, it is important for us to have a single-source partner who can deliver future-proof charging infrastructure, along with all the necessary electrical components and services.

“We found such a partner in Siemens and are looking forward to executing this exciting project.”

According to the contract, Siemens Smart Infrastructure will be installing 48 Sicharge UC 200 charging stations with CCS charging plugs per carport, with medium and low-voltage technology.