Siemens Mobility has secured a contract from Alun Griffiths to deliver signals for the £19.2m M5 junction improvement programme in Somerset, England.

The contract requires Siemens Mobility to supply, test and commission traffic signals as part of the remodelling of junction 25 of the M5 motorway.

Somerset County Council has developed a scheme for increasing the capacity of the link to improve traffic flow, ease peak-hour congestion and unlock land for employment to the east of the M5.

Work on the programme is now underway, with installation of the new signals due to start in early 2020.

Upon its planned completion in 2021, the new junction 25 layout will enhance traffic flow, decrease congestion and offer further vehicle capacity at the major junction at Taunton.

Highways England will then hand over the site to Somerset County Council, which will be responsible for its maintenance.

Siemens Mobility intelligent traffic systems business managing director Wilke Reints said: “This project follows on from a similar scheme that we completed in 2018 at junction 17 of the M4; since completion, the newly signalled junction has significantly eased congestion, particularly during peak periods, and improved journey times.”

Once improved, the M5 junction is expected to manage peak-hour traffic congestion better and help reduce journey times with improved accessibility to the roundabout.

It will also enhance access to Taunton and the motorway as well as benefit the economy by supporting the growth of employment and residential development across Taunton.

The M5 route carries a mix of traffic through the Midlands and onwards to routes in the north and south.