Nearly 35 people have died on South Australian roads this year despite reduced traffic due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

According to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report, the Australian state has also witnessed “serious” road accidents over the Easter long weekend.

The report stated that South Australia’s (SA) 2020 road fatality rate is almost the same as last year’s figures. The state had recorded 36 deaths at this time in 2019.

Last year, SA recorded 114 road deaths. It is said to be its “worst road fatality rate” in nearly ten years.

The figures have crashed the state police’s hopes which expected “less crashes, injuries and fatalities”.

A SA Police (SAPOL) spokesperson was quoted by ABC as saying: “We have been very pleased by the way South Australians have heeded the message to stay home … There has been much less traffic on our roads and in our holiday hotspots.

“Unfortunately, some people haven’t heeded the road safety message and police have detected drink and drug drivers across the state.

“Despite restrictions on travel this Easter, police are still out in force monitoring road safety and have the power to pull over any vehicle, on any road, at any time and request that driver submit to a drug or alcohol test.”

The state recorded 433 confirmed cases as of 4.00pm, 14 April.