Electric car maker Tesla has reportedly opened its largest single-point electric vehicle (EV) super-charging station between the Bay Area and Los Angeles areas in the US.

The new EV super-charging station is part of its Supercharger network.

Featuring 56 EV charging points, Tesla’s new supercharger station is said to be the largest in the world, according to Electrek.

By opening the new charging station, Tesla plans to support its EV rollouts in the market.

In addition to EV charging points, the supercharger station location is said to feature a convenience store, as well as a restaurant, which can be used by the Tesla owners while their cars are being charged.

The station includes solar canopies, which will not only provide shade for the EV car but also supply power to the Supercharger station.

Electrek reported that Tesla has established some Supercharger stations in China with 50 charging stalls.

Recently, the American EV carmaker announced the opening of its 20,000th charger in the Supercharger network.

In addition to the EV charging network, Tesla reportedly announced the expansion of its EV vehicle service network and mobile service fleet to support its growing EV fleet on the road.

Electrek reported that Tesla is planning to add at least one new service centre every week next year.

In March, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen announced plans to construct a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging points across North America.

By constructing one of the largest charging networks in the continent, Ford is hoping to establish the company as a leading EV exponent in the region, which it expects will help it edge ahead of its competitors.