China-based technology companies ThunderSoft and Human Horizons have set up a joint venture to create a service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework for next-generation connected vehicles.

Under the arrangement, the joint venture will be operated by ThunderSoft.

The venture will make use of ThunderSoft’s knowledge of advanced operation system technologies, as well as Human Horizons’ experience of design concept and electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture, to develop middleware that can run through different modules of connected vehicles.

These include chassis, vehicle dynamic control module (VDCM), body dynamic control module (BDCM), intelligent dynamic control module (IDCM) and autonomous dynamic control module (ADCM).

The venture will also offer software development tools and consulting services for automakers, as well as automotive parts-related enterprises throughout the world.

ThunderSoft chairman and CEO Hongfei Zhao said: “This new joint venture is another step for ThunderSoft towards better enabling our industrial partners. It will also accelerate our innovation in the fields of connected roads and vehicles, and autonomous and e-cockpit driving, in order to strengthen our industrial leadership.

“It is another success of ThunderSoft on ecological fusion and innovation.”

The first model to adopt the joint venture’s SOA framework will be the HiPhi X, which will be released in China in May.

The HiPhi X is an electric vehicle (EV) created by HiPhi, a premium brand created by Human Horizons. The model features lightweight hybrid aluminium-steel construction and is made from sustainable vegan leathers and other recyclable materials.

Human Horizons HiPhi chairman and CEO Lei Ding said: “The cooperation between Human Horizons and ThunderSoft will lead the ongoing evolution of the auto industry, reshape the industrial structure and help more partners to be superior.”