Trafficware, part of Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division, has released new connected vehicle technology called ATMS 2.10.

The company said that its new Advanced Transportation Management Platform integrates traffic network data into a single repository for a real-time, integrated view of traffic operations.

One of the major upgrades in the ATMS 2.10 is said to be the inclusion of connected vehicle technology as a standard feature to customers.

Called TidalWave, the feature is a traffic management information service powered by edge computing and machine learning.

Trafficware, Cubic Transportation Systems vice-president and general manager Joe Custer said: “We are constantly working to enhance our ATMS system with the latest connected vehicle technologies to ensure urban and rural traffic managers have the latest tools to improve traffic flow and safety.

“We always listen to customer feedback while implementing our latest updates. We also realise not all agencies have unlimited resources, which is why we are thrilled to make TidalWave a standard feature of ATMS 2.10 so that all customers will have access to this advanced technology.”

The company further added that its new TidalWave technology enables easy access of data to its partners and transforms speed and resolution of traffic data streaming, which will be delivered from traffic infrastructure to any vehicle or device.

It further added that its technology’s real-time service offers new possibilities for building new applications that improve safety and reduce road traffic congestion.

In addition, ATMS 2.10 is equipped with GRIDSMART SMARTMOUNT Bell Camera, which presents a fisheye view, device information and camera status about intersections.