TransCore has launched a new transponder product that enables US RV drivers to automatically and electronically pay tolls.

Named RV Toll Pass, TransCore expects the new product to change the way RV drivers travel through the country’s different tolling jurisdictions.

Equipped with TransCore’s multi-protocol National Pass technology, RV Toll Pass is available for all RV configurations, including motorhomes and trailers.

It enables users to be tolled at the electronic rate, which is usually lower than the cash or video toll rate.

With toll roads across 35 states, RV drivers passing through different tolling systems previously had to buy several tolling transponders or search for toll-free routes.

The company claims that RV Toll Pass will enable drivers to bypass narrow cash lanes conveniently, without the hassle of receiving unexpected toll charges.

Catering to the needs of the RV community, RV Toll Pass features a single transponder and single billing account that can be used across several tolling jurisdictions.

Users are only charged for the service in the months when the transponder is used.

TransCore vice-president of business development Don Brady said: “This technology will change the way RVers use toll roads. Convenience is key as it makes travelling across the country and through heavily tolled regions much easier.

“Drivers won’t have to worry about cash lanes, getting on the wrong toll road or making sure they have the right transponder for where they’re going.”

The RV Toll Pass features a five-year battery life with usual use and is claimed to pay for itself in a single trip.

TransCore has also collaborated with Newmar for the pre-installation of RV Toll Pass in new RVs.