Five US Departments of Transportation (DoTs) have extended their contracts to continue Iteris’ service of their 511 traveller information systems.

Georgia DoT, Montana DoT, Kansas DoT, West Virginia DoT and the Riverside County Transportation Commission have renewed the Iteris services in contracts totalling more than $1.5m.

The 511 systems are built on Iteris’ ATIS platform, which powers 11 traveller information systems across the country.

Set to reduce congestion, the extended programmes improve efficiency across Georgia, Montana, Kansas, West Virginia and the Inland Empire.

Under the extended contracts, Iteris will be responsible for upgrading, operating and maintaining all five systems, which provide information related to traffic, road and weather conditions.

It will also upgrade Georgia DoT and Montana DoT’s suite of mobile apps.

A partial listing of new features and enhancements to their systems includes situational events, weather integration, favourites and route support features.

Iteris vice-president and assistant general manager Moe Zarean said: “Iteris is proud to have been the trusted provider of 11 traveller information systems nationwide and we are excited to extend and expand that role with these five highly visible customer renewals.

“We are committed to continuing to deliver the highest level of service to our state and county 511 systems and their citizens, while providing unparalleled solutions configured to each agency’s unique needs.”

Georgia DoT’s mobile apps will feature Waze crowdsourcing, which will enable users to see Waze events and switch between Waze and 511 apps.

Montana DoT’s new mobile apps will support a look-ahead feature that will alert users on upcoming events or construction along their routes.

Montana DoT will use the company’s roadway management system to manage and monitor traffic and route conditions, events, construction and assets from within its facilities.

This August, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) awarded a software-as-a-service (SaaS) contract to Iteris to implement its mobility intelligence solution.