The UK Government has announced plans to develop a new safety standard known as CAV PASS for self-driving vehicles.

The move is aimed at ensuring autonomous vehicle safety and preventing problems regarding cyber and vehicle security before their UK launch.

Experts in vehicle safety and cybersecurity from the industry, government and academic world have been employed to develop the new safety standard.

CAV PASS will be built on the UK’s 2015 code of practice for automated vehicle (CCAV) trials.

Commenting on the move, the Minister of State for the Future of Transport George Freeman said: “This is new terrain and with our national expertise the UK is well-placed to blaze the trail globally by developing a global benchmark for assuring the safety and security of this exciting technology.”

A new self-driving vehicle test facility, known as Autonomous Village, has also been opened at Millbrook-Culham, featuring 70km of test track.

The facility consists of a simulator and private mobile network. It will be used by researchers to test software, cybersecurity systems and 5G networks.

Last year, BlackBerry introduced its new Security Credential Management System (SCMS) aimed at speeding up the development of smart cities and autonomous vehicles.

According to BlackBerry, SCMS will provide the required mechanism for vehicles and infrastructure so that information can be shared securely using digital certificates.