The Government of Western Australia (WA) has initiated a A$4.5m ($3.09m) improvement work project at the Orrong Road intersection under the government’s Black Spot Program.

Work includes the modification of traffic signals in the north and south directions of the intersection. This will allow right turns only,  which is expected to increase safety.

The improvements will include the extension of the left-turn pocket and the installation of an extended double-right turn for traffic heading north.

It will also involve the right-turn pocket extension for traffic headed to Francisco Place.

In association with the Western Australian Police, CCTV and speed cameras will be installed at the intersection.

Other work includes lighting and pedestrian crossing upgrading, resurfacing work and the installation of signal mast arms to improve visibility.

According to the government, the intersection is accessed by around 60,000 vehicles a day. It is referred to as the ‘congestion hot spot’, particularly during peak hours in the morning and afternoon.

Approximately 90 crashes occurred at the intersection in the past five years, resulting in eight hospitalisations.

The current upgrade work is set to be completed by next January and will improve the area’s safety and traffic flow.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said: “Since its inception in 2000, the Black Spot Program has delivered almost a half a billion dollars in specific safety initiatives on the WA road network for drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

“The programme aims to further improve road safety across the state, reducing the significant trauma and suffering of crash victims and their loved ones by targeting sites with a proven crash history or those with a high risk.”

In May, the WA government allocated around A$4.2bn in its budget for various road infrastructure and maintenance initiatives.