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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in the US is raising awareness on the outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19 through on-road signage.

Following the announcement by Governor Ralph Northam, motorists across the Commonwealth of Virginia will now see health and safety messages on VDOT’s changeable message signs (CMS).

The on-road signage by the department is a significant information link between VDOT and travellers.

CMS will be used to share safety information, traffic impacts, and emergency messages.

Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine said: “All of us are accountable to change our behaviours and stop the spread of this virus.

“We are focused on sharing critical information with those on the road during this health crisis.”

The following weeks will see messages about Covid-19 being displayed across Virginia.

This step has been taken to make the public aware of the alarming situation and protect the health and safety of the people travelling, as well as VDOT employees and contractors.

The impact of the virus is being closely monitored by VDOT and other government departments. Precautionary measures are also being taken to minimise risks to any of the travelling passengers.

In response to the continued spread of the virus, Northam has declared a state of emergency in Virginia.

VDOT is implementing additional measures to protect the health and safety of staff by sharing guidance with its employees.

Employees have received procedural guidance in the event of personal exposure to the coronavirus.

In addition, VDOT is taking extra steps to ensure its rest areas remain in proper condition to protect the health of travellers amid Covid-19 concerns.