VicRoads has published a new series of heavy vehicle maps online that will enable drivers to avoid congestion while travelling on Victoria’s road network.

Besides helping truck drivers to manage height clearances, truck curfews and permit applications, the new updated maps will assist drivers in avoiding hazards and following road rules.

VicRoads heavy vehicle services director Eric Henderson said: “Whether you’ve hired a truck for the day or you’re a career truck driver, our new height clearance map is a great way to plan a safe route.

“This map will help reduce the number of dangerous bridge strikes on our roads.”

“This map will help reduce the number of dangerous bridge strikes on our roads, boosting safety and slashing incident-related congestion for Victorians.”

VicRoads said that it has added 1,150 overhead structures to the height clearance digital map as of 10 October.

The new truck curfew map will assist heavy-vehicle drivers in finding the best routes to take, considering the time of day and the mass of their vehicle.

Two more maps have also been published with pre-approved routes for high-productivity freight vehicle combinations up to 36.5m long, reducing permit application times for Victoria’s freight network.

Data relating to all four maps is currently available on the VicRoads Open Data website, which can be used by GPS developers to incorporate the information into their applications and recommended routes.

VicRoads is a Victoria Government-owned entity.