The Australian Government of Victoria is set to roll out a new test to assess a driver’s ability to respond to potential road hazards.

The new Hazard Perception Test will be introduced as an important component of the Graduated Licensing System. It aims to better equip new drivers to operate on busy roads.

Developed by road safety experts, the test is a computer-based interactive evaluation. It asks users to observe their surroundings and assesses their reactions to vehicles, pedestrians and footpaths.

Hazard Perception Test will be piloted at the newly opened Deer Park Licence Testing Centre and will then be introduced across the state.

Applications are required to qualify in this compulsory test before they can proceed to the on-road test.

Victoria Minister for Roads and Road Safety Jaala Pulford said: “We’ve revamped the Hazard Perception Test to better help assess the knowledge and skills of learner drivers before they hit the road on their own.

“Young drivers are over-represented in fatal and serious injury crashes, and poor hazard perception skills have been shown to contribute to these incidents, that’s why this test is so important.”

In the last ten years, approximately half a million drivers have participated in Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System. The system is said to have been effective in significantly reducing the number of road accidents involving people from the 18-23 age group.

Last year, Victoria announced plans to test new technology to identify fatigued drivers in a bid to improve road safety and avoid accidents.

The Australian state also invested $152.7m in December to upgrade dangerous roads and intersections.