Germany-based Vitronic has won a contract to deliver more than 500 traffic control systems to Morocco.

The contract has been awarded by the Roadway Security Department of Morocco’s Ministry of Equipment.

Under the contract, Vitronic will be responsible for supplying, installation, and maintenance of more than 500 speed and red-light enforcement systems.

The contract also covers the supply of back-office software by Vitronic to be used for case data processing.

Images of captured offenses will be processed at the data centre in the capital city of Rabat.

The project forms part of Morocco’s national strategy for the road safety plan. It will be implemented by Vitronic in association with its local partner and engineering consultant Alomra Group International.

Vitronic will install the laser-based camera systems in 12 regions across the country together with their major metropolises, including Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh.

Installations will facilitate fixed and average speed enforcement, as well as the monitoring of traffic light-controlled intersections.

Measurement equipment will be deployed in Vitronic’s Compact City Housing platform across the country. The systems are expected to enforce traffic from an elevated position of up to 3m in height.

Vitronic MENA subsidiary CEO Youssef El Hansali said: “This comprehensive project contract plays an important role in our company’s strategic focus on the North African market.

“With the local team at our subsidiary, Vitronic, and our partner, Alomra, we are ideally positioned to support our customers in Morocco.”

As part of the contract, the Vitronic Group will also equip and deploy employees at four service locations in the country to meet the demand for on-site services.

The contract also includes a three-year maintenance agreement.