WebSafety has announced plans to launch the DriveSafety app, which is built on eight technology patents and is intended to stop distracted driving.

The app, which is set for launch on 3 April, can be downloaded only from the company’s official website, www.drivesafetyapp.com.

WebSafety CEO and founder Rowland Day said: “Based upon the positive steps for the nation’s health and the returning confidence in the economy, we feel that this is the right time to launch the DriveSafety app.”

The app has been developed to prevent the avoidable road accidents, driving deaths and injuries caused by the use of mobile phones while driving.

It aims to save lives and make highways and roads safer for all.

The application has been designed to automatically lock the device once it reaches a speed of five miles per hour. Only phone calls are permitted to be made while the vehicle is moving.

This ensures distraction-free driving with DriveSafety and prevents any fatal accidents.

DriveSafety also creates a safer driving experience for those in the vehicle and on the highways and roads by supplying driving telematics to the driver or other concerned parties.

Day added: “DriveSafety is the complete solution to stop the addictive habit of distracted driving. We are grateful to have the patented solution to stop the deaths, injuries, and property damage that are taking place on the roads and highways every day.

“The DriveSafety app creates a safer driving experience for those in the car and on the roads and highways.

“The death and injuries that are caused by texting while driving and other driving distractions are needless.”