The I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge provides access for Interstate 64, US Route 40 and US Route 61 crossing the Missouri River between St Louis County and St Charles County in Missouri, US. In mid-2012, the Missouri Department of Transportation hired the Walsh-Alberici Joint Venture to build a new river bridge to replace the older of the two existing bridges.

Construction of the new bridge began with a groundbreaking ceremony in January 2013. The bridge was opened for traffic in June 2015.

The project received $111m in funds from the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission and the US Federal Highway Administration.

The existing Daniel Boone Bridge comprised twin continuous truss bridges. The first was constructed in the 1930s and carries three traffic lanes westbound, while the second was built in the 1980s and carries four lanes eastbound.

History of the I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge

The westbound I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge was classified as functionally obsolete as it is 33ft-wide with three narrow lanes and no shoulders. It was considered structurally deficient.

After studying the options for building a companion bridge, the environmental study recommended building a bridge upstream of the existing two and demolishing the 1930s bridge.

Details of I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge Replacement Project

The project involved the construction of a new bridge alongside the existing two bridges. The old westbound bridge that was built in the 1930s was demolished in early 2016.

The project also included the construction of a new Chesterfield Airport Road interchange, including building a connection for the North Outer Road to the ramp to westbound I-64. The fourth lane for westbound I-64 was added from the entrance ramp at Chesterfield Airport Road to the exit ramp at Route 94.

The contractor also is also responsible to perform the rehabilitation on the 1980s bridge. Upon completion in late 2015, the eastbound I-64 traffic was diverted to the new bridge and the westbound traffic was diverted to the existing eastbound bridge.

The new bridge is 2,615ft-long with a main navigational span of 510ft and two intermediate back spans of 370ft. It features a parallel flange plate girder design with the flexibility to add a fifth vehicular lane in the future.

The construction also includes a bicycle and pedestrian trail on the new bridge. The bridge is connected to the Monarch Levee Trail in St. Louis County and to the KATY Trail in St. Charles County.

Construction of new I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge

Construction was started in January 2013 with the work on the new eastbound bridge, Spirit of St. Louis Blvd Bridge over I-64, new Chesterfield Airport Road Bridge, and North Outer Road connection to the westbound I-64 on-ramp.

The new bridge has a minimum expected lifespan of 100 years.

Contractors involved with the project

A joint venture (JV) of Walsh-Alberici received the $110.9m bridge design-build contract in July 2012. Burns & McDonnell is the designer of the project.

Hanson Professional Services is providing engineering services for the project. The scope of the contract includes a bridge-type study, a hydraulic analysis and scour study, preliminary bridge plans, field surveys, preliminary roadway plans and right-of-way plans.