Mapping and location data provider HERE Technologies has partnered with UK-based mobility analytics company Citi Logik to help cities monitor, analyse and manage urban movement.

The duo has agreed to integrate HERE’s Real-Time Traffic and Speed Data solutions with Citi Logik’s SaaS tool, CitiAnalytics.

CitiAnalytics is a web-based, real-time city analysis platform. It is derived and based on underlying Internet of Things (IoT) data sources, including mobile phone data.

By combining various data sources, the tool helps cities manage their environments in a dynamic way, without relying on traditional hardware-based infrastructure.

According to HERE, Real-Time Traffic offers the “closest thing to a live depiction” of the road. It gathers and analyses data from various sources, including vehicle sensor data from a range of automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers.

HERE Speed Data delivers vehicle speed information from a comprehensive database of trillions of GPS probe data points that HERE has built over time. It covers three years of historic data and allows for better traffic analytics.

Citi Logik CTO John Rands said: “We believe that the combination of speed data from HERE and our experience with other IoT sources will provide cities across the world with a powerful, cost-effective means of understanding their cities and improving outcomes for citizens and businesses.”

HERE Technologies EMEAR sales director Dieter Lange said: “Increasing levels of urbanisation create the need for cities to better predict, manage and plan future urban movement. Accurate real-time traffic and historical speed data play an important role for this.

“We’re happy to collaborate with Citi Logik, because they understand the value that data from different, complementary sources and its analytics can provide cities to improve urban planning, relieve congestion and curb pollution for better quality of life.”