The city of Abu Dhabi in UAE is planning to build the Abu Dhabi Transportation Management Centre (ADTMC), which incorporates an integrated intelligent transportation systems (ITS) strategy to improve management of road networks in the region.

Initial deployment will focus on the management of traffic and incidents along limited-access highways in the metropolitan region.

The centre will provide bilingual automated voice broadcasts, updates on travel time, congestion and incidents ahead of route decision points, and CCTV cameras and web and mobile phone information services, to increase access to information for drivers.

The project is part of Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030, which is currently in the tendering stage and includes portable variable message signs, incident-detection stations, non-citation traffic cameras and a web-based traffic congestion information service.

The future ITS strategy plans for Abu Dhabi would include weather and speed advisory information on rural routes, parking information for central business districts, and information systems for public transport.

The new strategy would also support the transport infrastructure development, which includes building new highways and other infrastructure.

The implementation of the ITS strategy in the emirate will result in a reduction in the number of road crashes, improvements in speed limit compliance, and reduction of greenhouse emissions, according to the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport.