Belgium will introduce road tolls nationwide for all vehicles starting from 2013, following an approval from the Wallonia Regional Government.

The government has approved a deal to introduce the toll system and share the toll proceeds between its three regions, Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, which will now take over the motorway network in their respective territories.

Belgium’s motorway network is currently run by the national government.

Details of the system, including the likely fee, are yet to be finalised, however, the system is expected to be a “free-flowing” one, where drivers need not stop to pay the tolls, reports the Earth Times.

The system would cover local and foreign heavy vehicles, which will be charged based on the distance travelled, while light vehicles would pay a fixed fee for moving on the motorways and main roads.

A system currently being considered is technology capable of reading drivers’ licence plates, where the drivers of foreign cars are required to pre-register their licence number before entering Belgium.