Speed cameras have failed to cut accident rates and casualty rates have worsened at some speed camera sites in the UK, according to new figures revealed by the UK Department for Transport (DfT).

The statistics provided by six local authorities showed that speed cameras have had a mixed impact.

In Humberside, which has 89 speed cameras, there was no change in the number of accidents at a fifth of sites, while the number of collisions rose at 17 sites.

Among Thames Valley’s 44 speed cameras, seven sites saw an increase in the number of incidents, with a four-fold rise at a site in Aylesbury.

The speed cameras were introduced in 1992 and so far have been installed at approximately 6,000 sites, generating an estimated £100m of fines each year.

After a request from the DfT, 75 councils have agreed to publish all or part of their speed camera information, including accident rates, casualty rates and the number of motorists caught.

The remaining 72 authorities plan to publish their data over the next few weeks.