The former boss of Sydney’s road network has called on government to develop policies focusing on easing congestion and a fairer system of tolls in Sydney.

Former Roads and Traffic Authority chief Paul Forward said that motorway companies should be encouraged to introduce higher tolls for peak hours.

“There ought to be a way to sort that out and have a more rational system of motorway charging – and you have then got a vehicle for congestion charging,” said Forward.

“We also need to have peak hour pricing for these motorways.”

The former roads boss also called for congestion charging in the CBD in Sydney using an etag system. This would be different to the one used in London, which operates using cameras take photographs of licence plates.

He also supported a metro system as a way to alleviate Sydney’s urban congestion problems.

His calls follow the decision of the Premier, Nathan Rees, to introduce a peak toll charge of $4 on the Harbour Bridge and Harbour Tunnel.