New traffic rules and changes in existing regulations will come into effect in the Netherlands from 1 May 2009.

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the regional and provincial road safety agencies has published a booklet containing road signs and related laws and regulations.

Some of the major changes to be incorporated in road traffic rules and regulations are as follows:-
Speed at 90km/h is permitted on main highways and motorways for passenger cars and vans pulling light trailers weighing less than 3500kg, as well as for registered vehicles with “permitted maximum weight”. Campers with permitted weight exceeding 3,500kg can travel at 80km/h on main highways and motorways.

Parking permits with a mechanism that automatically shifts the arrival time can no longer be used. Banning such devices prevents a parking space from being occupied for too long by the same vehicle.

A parking permit must be used in a disabled parking space where there is a sign indicating a maximum parking time.

Helmets are mandatory for drivers and passengers of open microcars and continuation of ban on using mobile phone for motorised bicycles riders.

Drivers travelling in an exit lane after leaving the continuing lane must continue to follow the exit lane. The new rule prevents drivers from leaving the continuing lane, passing congested traffic in the continuing lane via the exit lane and then merging into traffic again.