The New Zealand Transport Agency Board is considering completing the Western Ring Route around Auckland by linking the SH20 at Mt Roskill to the Northwestern Motorway (SH16).

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Board is expected to fund the $1.4bn Waterview Connection project under National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). It involves a combined surface/tunnel option.

Due to significant impact on the nearby community and stakeholders, NZTA is seeking the feedback until July before final approval of the project.

The NZ Transport Agency Board chairman Brian Roche said: “The Western Ring Route is one of seven Roads of National Significance recently identified by Government, and completing it will provide huge benefits for Auckland and New Zealand. The Waterview Connection is the final link to complete this route and unlock its full benefits.”

He further added that any major infrastructure project built in suburban Auckland will always be challenging and this one was especially so because no land had ever been set aside to connect the highway network.

Construction of the project could begin in 2011 and is expected to be completed within four years.