The Australian Government will invest $3.4bn in road infrastructure projects across the country as allocated under the Budget 2009-2010.

The government hopes the project will reduce travel times, improve mobility and increase productivity.

Funds for these developments are being provided by Building Australia Fund (BAF) and the existing Nation Building Programme (NBP).

BAF, which provides an additional means of investing in major infrastructure projects will fund about $1.5bn work on Hunter Expressway, Pacific Highway in New South Wales and Ipswich Motorway in Queensland.

In addition, about $727.5m will be funded from AU$26.7bn NBP for work on Bruce Highway, Douglas Arterial, Traralgon, Mandurah Entrance Road, and upgrade on a stretch of Pacific Highway and Tarcutta Bypass apart from road safety projects.

The state will also provide an annual amount of $940m for maintenance of roads in its area.

The government plans to spend a total $28bn on road projects over six years providing immediate and lasting benefits for the Australian economy.