A new dataset of highly accurate three dimensional (3D) road vectors has been created by German-based company Intermap Technologies to help motorist save fuel, reduce emissions and drive safely.

The dataset will cover more than one million km of highly accurate road position and elevation data for the entire country.

Intermap president and CEO Brian Bullock said that the system can be utilised by the automotive industry to support advanced driver assistance systems’ safety and energy management applications.

“Our database can enable additional systems and functionality that automatically adjust engine and drive-line control units to reduce emissions, enhance fuel efficiency, and support safety applications,” Bullock said.

A joint study with Clemson University demonstrated that 3D road vectors can enhance energy efficiencies in hybrid electric vehicles through innovations like predictive road topology.

In addition, a group of companies are working with Intermap to reduce fuel consumption and develop safety applications utilising the road geometrics.

The dataset is also being created for US and Hawaii as part of Intermap’s NEXTMap USA nationwide mapping programme.