North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA) is planning to install electronic toll collection (ETC) system with emphasis on interoperability on the Triangle Expressway.

The expressway will have non-stop toll system relying on toll zones with ETC or video tolling and options for making payments off-roadway, including cash. This is referred to as an all electronic toll (AET) system.

It is expected that about 65 toll lanes and shoulders will be installed with ETC readers, video cameras and automatic vehicle classification.

The ETC transponders or licence plates will be detected by equipment at toll zones. The conventional stop-and-go will be replaced by AET.

The number of toll lanes is also expected to increase as NCTA opens additional toll facilities.

The expressway’s toll road system is about 18.8 miles long and includes three projects, NC 540 between NC 55 and NC 54, Triangle Parkway, and the Western Wake Freeway.

NCTA will be interoperable with toll agencies throughout the north-east and the south-east regions.

The new Triangle Expressway’s ETC Subsystems requirements include internet protocol addressable, interface control document, open architecture, cost effective, customer interactions and guaranteed performance.