UK pioneering travel information and journey-planning service provider ‘Transport Direct’ was accessed by more than 50 million users during five years.

The UK Department for Transport website provides information about all land, sea and air transport by drawing information from over 40 different sources each week.

It provides real-time information on road and rail disruption and allows travellers to avoid unnecessary delays to their journey, while extensive maps show the locations of bus stops and train stations, and also suggest where traffic congestion may occur.

Transport Minister Paul Clark said that the website allowed the public to find a route that suits them best.

“The versatility of Transport Direct is matched only by the scale and precision of its travel information – 96% of users say they’d use it again,” he added.

It was launched in December 2004 and attracts more than 25 million users each year.

In a recent survey, 92% of users of the site found it easy to browse, almost half were able to get quicker routes, and 71% of users were able to plan a journey to unknown places.