Additional financing for the construction of the Ganja by-pass road project has been agreed by the Azerbaijani Government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The project requires additional funds as it also involves reconstruction of Gazakh-Georgian border highway, which utilised project’s budget amount, reports.

According to a previous agreement, ADB had approved $55.4m while the government provided the remaining amount for the $73.9m by-pass road project.

ADB funded this amount from the $500m Multi-Tranche Finance Facility (MFF) for financing the project.

The contract for reconstruction of the highway running to the border with Georgia was signed with Italy’s Inpreza.

The contract specifies the re-building of three old road bridges, installation of new round and square pipes, road equipment, security signs, and reconstruction of the two-lane road.

The amount will be utilised for the reconstruction of a 88.8km segment of the Yevlakh-Ganja highway and a new 38km Gazakh-border of the Georgia highway.

The projects also aims to simplify passing at “Krasniy Most” customs point situated at the border of Azerbaijan and Georgia.