The European Investment Bank (EIB) will fund €565m for constructing two out of five sections of about 29km of the Warsaw motorway ring-road in Poland.

The sections of the express motorways are on the crossroad of Trans-European Transport Corridors and connect Warsaw with Helsinki, Berlin, Niznyj Novgorod, Gdansk and Ostrava.

The project covers a 10.4km section from the Konotopa to the Pulawska interchanges and a 14.4km section, from the Konotopa to the Powazkowska interchanges.

In addition, the project includes construction of 4.4km radial motorway that will improve the link between the ring-road and Warsaw’s airport.

EIB vice president Marta Gajecka said that the ring-road will connect Warsaw with the rest of Poland and will also improve the quality of the environment diverting traffic from city streets.

“It will also provide additional crossing over the Vistula River and improve access to Warsaw Airport,” she added.