US-based company INRIX will be providing additional traffic information for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s forthcoming 511 service.

The 511 Pennsylvania service provides instant access to road updates by phone to people seeking travel information.

The company signed an agreement with Telvent to provide real-time traffic data and travel times for key routes covering 800 miles through the I-95 Corridor Coalition Vehicle Probe Project.

The information provided can be monitored and integrated by neighboring states and all member agencies of the I-95 Corridor Coalition to coordinate regional travel information provision.

INRIX’s traffic data is integrated into ‘511 Pennsylvania’ by Telvent and can be available via Internet and phones.

The company gives traffic information to the Department of Transportation and other agencies in 12 states, covering more than 5,000 centerline miles of road.

In addition, INRIX Real-Time Traffic is available to more than 250 million people across 126 metropolitan North American markets and covers 160,000 miles of roads in North America.

INRIX collects data from over one million GPS-enabled vehicles as well as consumer cellular GPS-based devices and traditional road sensor information.