The World Bank will fund US $25m for renovating Honduran roads in Central America that were recently damaged by tropical storms.

The amount was approved in addition to a US $48.6m loan approved in mid-2008, reports.

The initial fund will be utilised to develop 200km of roads while the second round will be used for repairing an additional 515km of roads.

The supplementary funds will also be used to renovate and develop the Tegucigalpa to Danli, La Entrada to Copan Ruins, La Entrada to Sta. Rosa de Copan and Ocotepeque, and the Santa Rita Yoro road.

World Bank director for Central America Laura Frigenti said that 16 bridges ruined by the storm will be replaced.

“The country’s annual operating budget and public procurement plans with the Sector Plan will be adopted by the end of 2010,” she said.