US-based TransCore and Sensys Networks have announced that they will combine the Sensys Arterial Travel Time System into TransCore’s TransSuite advanced traffic management system to help reduce travel times on arterial roads.

Arterial traffic accounts for more than half of all traffic, however, there are limited data sources to measure arterial travel times. Measuring arterial travel time is also more complicated due to shorter and more diverse travel patterns.

The Sensys Networks Arterial Travel Time System employs technology called signature re-identification to measure and report real-time travel data along a city corridor.

Combining this technology with TransSuite’s advanced traffic management system will deliver the entire distribution of travel times along other real-time performance parameters for urban arteries.

TransCore ITS Group executive vice president David Sparks explained that the incorporation of key performance parameters for arterial roadways, particularly in real-time, traffic engineers can add a level of sophistication and responsiveness to dynamic traffic conditions as they happen.

The TransCore provides intelligent transportation system (ITS) products and services to 50 state departments of transportation.