New software to match tachograph data with a computerised transport planning tool has been launched by two UK-based transport industry innovators.

The tachograph, which measures vehicle speed and whether or not the vehicle is moving will be used to better manage driver productivity when combined with Paragon software.

The Road Tech Computer Systems’ Tachomaster tachograph was integrated with Paragon Software Systems routing and scheduling software to enable the tachograph information about recorded drivers’ hours to be imported into Paragon software.

Paragon software uses the working time directive (WTD) data of each driver recorded by Tachomaster to smooth out workloads, thereby maximising overall driver productivity and reducing costs.

The information about planned driver shifts and fleet availability at individual driver and vehicle level can be maintained by the Paragon resource manager module, which is further fed to the routing and scheduling optimiser to generate the route schedules.

The schedules planned are then matched with actual fleet availability and the individual shifts to be worked by each driver on that day.

Paragon evaluates each driver’s WTD statistics and uses this in its planning process to ensure even and legal workloads for drivers.

In addition, users can access vehicle tracking histories through the Tachomaster screens, enabling them to see vehicle trails where a violation or unexpected break occurred.