Information Display Company, a developer of radar speed technology, has launched a driver alert display ‘TrafficFlow Manager’ that works with traffic signal timing to alleviate congestion.

Drivers will be informed about the synchronised lights by displays along routes with timed traffic signals.

The display also lets them know the proper speed to be maintained in order to avoid stopping for a red light.

The complete signal timing programme will reduce overall travel time by 7% to 13%, delays by 15% to 37% and fuel usage by 6% to 9%, a report from the Institute of Traffic Engineers says.

According to the report given by US Department of Transportation, a similar traffic light synchronisation programme in Austin, Texas, reduced delays and fuel consumption by 24.6% and 14.2%, respectively. (

It also saved Austin commuters 2.3 million hours of their time and 1.2 million gallons of fuel.

The synchronised lights will increase safety and reduce driver frustration by ensuring that drivers understand timed lights speed limits in order to take advantage of the arrangement.

TrafficFlow Manager is a programmable electronic sign that can be connected directly to the signal controller or manually set to display a predetermined speed.

In addition, a GPS timer receiver ensures synchronisation between the display and the signal controls.

A cellular modem or ethernet connection can be used to set and control electronic sign from central office.