The UK Department for Transportation has allotted an additional £30m to improve road access to the Port of Immingham, an international freight gateway in North Lincolnshire.

Improved road accesses can be achieved by increasing capacity and improving road safety on the A160/A180.

The programme involves the upgrade of a 3-mile (5km) section of the A160 Humber Road from its junction with the A180 at Brocklesby to the port entrance.

Highways Agency project manager David Pilsworth said that the proposed improvements will aim to ease congestion and improve safety on what is one of England’s key international gateways.

It will further support the growth in traffic generated from the forecast growth of the port over the next ten to 15 years.

The Highways Agency has developed a total of eight improvement options, four of which are recommended options. There are further calls for public discussions on these options.