The New South Wales government, Australia, has announced $1.13bn for bus and commuter car parking services under a $7.1bn transport budget for the fiscal year 2009-10.

Under the new budget, $4bn will be provided for the public transport services while $3.1bn will be invested in delivering rail infrastructure upgrades, new train carriages, new buses and a programme of commuter car parks.

The budget focuses on increasing the capacity, comfort and reliability of bus and rail services, as well as delivering convenient commuter car parking facilities.

Out of the earmarked $1.13bn, $966.2m will be invested in bus services while about $170m in commuter car park commitments that brings the total commitments to 7,000.

The project involves expansion of Sydney’s bus fleet for providing faster, greener and more efficient public transport solutions.

Meanwhile, the budget will also provide $4m a year over the next two years to operate commuter ferry services and $248m in new train carriages this year alone.