Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in the US will deploy Linear Asset Management Software from Exor to get a unified view of its state highway network, under the TransInfo Project.

TransInfo will provide a robust foundation for future asset management-related systems and business processes in ODOT.

The department will be able to get automated information for calculating key performance measures of those related to traffic fatalities, traffic injuries, pavement condition, bike lanes and sidewalks using the new tool.

Earlier, ODOT was used to manage assets with information maintained in two unique data silos, whereas now the Exor system will enable the department to merge this information into a unified environment that helps in asset management.

The department will also overcome its difficulties in accurately and completely reporting on roadway assets without extensive manual intervention with the help of the Exor solution.

In addition, the system will also highlight the parts of the road network that are below standard and require further investment.

The incorporation of Oracle Spatial and ESRI technology into the Exor commercial off the shelf solution will improve highway planning and road maintenance whilst reducing duplication of information and work effort.