Satellite GPS Messenger users in the US and Canada can now access a new service that provides location-based information irrespective of cellular network coverage.

The SPOT Assist Roadside service provided by SPOT, a satellite messaging and emergency communication provider, is a portable roadside service that operates on satellite communications.

The roadside service will combine GPS and satellite communications to provide location-based information and will also allow drivers on the road to receive roadside assistance with the aid of Nation Safe Drivers.

The subscribed users for this service can immediately alert a national roadside response centre of their location with a simple push of the help button on the handheld SPOT Messenger.

The roadside assistance services and personal satellite messaging services in remote areas will be provided by the new service.

The service includes five roadside tows per year, up to 50 miles per tow, as well as auto-accident assistance, fuel delivery services, tire repair, battery services and lock key and lockout service.